Safety Engineering as a parallel process in the development of machinery and plant is the most underrated sector.

Why? The methodology requires work in a variety of disciplines such as mechanics, electronics and application software. In addition the required iterative process demands complete attention during the whole timeline through various stages.

When safety-related controls deliver their safety functions reliably, we talk of functional safety.

Risk assessment plays a central role with regard to the requirements made on functional safety. Which steps must be considered in risk assessment and risk reduction of machinery and how safety functions are to be assessed and verified is stated down in the Norms EN ISO 12100, 13849-1. This assessment of risk gives rise to the Safety Integrity Requirements (Performance Level PL).

Die EU – Machine Directive


The EU-Directive presents many manufacturers with high hurdles – that needn’t be!

The Law in the EU and also in Switzerland demands safe machinery and plant from manufacturers.

What are safe machines or plants?

The CE Certification


What must be observed here?

As a confirmation of the safe manufacture of machinery, incomplete machinery and plant, the manufacturer issues a conformity declaration of installation.

The Standards


Which standards help further in the production of safe machinery, incomplete machinery and plants?

Training Machine Safety


In order that the project team is capable of developing a machine, plant or incomplete machine in accordance with the law, it is necessary to teach the foundations of the laws, directives and standards. We are happy to take over this task!

Moderation Safety Engineering


Safety Engineering is an iterative Process and requires that all engineering disciplines be involved.

We are happy to take over moderation and training during the whole project phase for you.

Machines – Certification


In order that machines and incomplete machinery can be commissioned, they must undergo a certification process.

We will be pleased to take over this task!

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