Many factors can result in project risks being underestimated or not recognised. Have you ever considered why you accept a contract?
The project calculation promises a terrific project return – after the project is finished there is, at best a minimal margin left over or even a financial loss.
That needn’t be the case – we support you in long-term project management.

Project Risk Assessment


With appropriate means the project risk can be properly assessed. It is the responsibility of every manager to execute a risk analysis and prepare relevant scaled measures in order to assess the potential contract before confirming the contract. We will be happy to help you with this!

Finalise the specifications with the client

Risk Assessment (Business Opportunity Assessment)

Simulation of the implementation in the pre-sales phase or at latest before the design phase

Project organisation / Institution


The selection of the right project organisation is crucial and must be adjusted to exactly meet the project character.

The project manager and the project team must be selected with deliberation. This is vital for the success or failure of the project.

A steering committee is in every respect a project accelerator!

Project controlling


Project controlling follows two primary goals:

1. Prompt demonstration of project performance with regard to development and reaching of goals.

2. Using appropriate measures and tools the actual and target performances are compared and adjusted.

The internal and external controlling is built up depending on the type of project.

Project Execution


Every project management always has a defined start and completion date, which bring temporal and qualitative components with them.

In most cases, projects exhibit complex and/or complicated processes and comprise work in various disciplines.

Projects are broken down into practicable milestones. Each milestone will be closed off before the next is started.

Change Management


Change Management is an important contributor to the success of the project.

The success is often dependent on changes being recognised during the project phases. Necessary measures must be implemented immediately.

An orderly Change Management ensures an open and transparent project execution and brings advantages for all partners.

Project Completion


Warning: Many projects are never finished! Project team members are pulled out too soon, the project manager is given other duties and the concentration is transferred.

In the worst case, there is not even an official hand over to the client – and now it gets difficult. Final payments are delayed; legal rights and risks of the plant or the machinery are not properly transferred to the client, that shouldn’t happen.

Every project must be closed of properly and a closing report must be issued. We can also support you here.