In order that machines or incomplete machines are developed efficiently and cost-effectively, all areas must understand the foundations of machine safety during the phases from development through to commissioning.

This entails the harmonised development of the necessary training.

Basic training: Machine safety (1 Day)

– Legal foundations of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG

– Standards

– Causality model of the accident

– Terminology: Risk, Risk acceptance, terminology in safety technology

– Conformity assessment procedure according to MRL

– Proof for safety-related parts of control systems

Advanced Training: Safe Machinery Control (3 Days)

– Foundations of Machine Safety

– Risk assessment according to ISO EN 12100

– Foundations of EN ISO 13849-1

– Risk identification and determination of the PLr

– Performance Level PL, Deterministic perspective control category B, 1-4, Probabilistic perspectives MTTF, DC, CCF, Calculation of MTTFd values

– Verification PL to PLr

– Calculation software according NSBIV AG

– Calculation software according to Sistema

– IEC 62061 – Compare PL and SIL

– Development of examples

– Software Safety requirements and validation – V-Model

– Validation of FMEA according to EN ISO 13849-2  etc.

– Consideration for errors, exclusion of errors

– Practical examples

– Closing discussion