The EU Machinery Directive presents many manufacturers with high hurdles – that needn’t be!

The Law in the EU and also in Switzerland demands safe machinery and plant from manufacturers.

What are safe machines or plants?

The theory does not give any room for manoeuvre, as the manufacturer must uphold the Federal Law on Product safety. This includes regulations on product safety and regulations on the safety of machinery.

Taking the law and regulations as their source, the EU Machinery Directive now comes into play and with it the harmonised EU Standards.

Every machine and plant manufacturer is required to develop their products according to the technology status and to confirm with CE certification, that all possible and sensible measures for personal safety have been met.

This fact causes difficulties for many plant and machinery manufacturers to properly document the relevant measures.

Here we want to offer the manufacturers of plants, machinery or incomplete machines added value, by accompanying the client step by step through the complete conformity procedure and apply this according to the applicable valid technical rules and harmonised standards, up to the CE certification.